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Listening to Your Intuitive Language

“From Tailbone to Toes: Our Legs and Dancing our Way Through Life”

This class focuses on legs, knees, and ankles as our physical and energetic support. We learn how to integrate strengthening of our muscular and skeletal system with our Root Chakra and how to enhance the movement in our knees and ankles. Gain a solid footing for your strongest path in life!

Intuitive language classes are designed to help you recognize and strengthen your Intuition. We will walk through understanding your body’s internal and external language, learning the energetic emotional ‘why’ behind impediments you may experience, AND how to loosen or extract the congested energy.  We will work with various restorative applications. You will also be introduced to and become familiar with the Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique*.

Each 2 hour interactive class will explore various avenues to assist you personally as well as provide you the tools to assist those around you. You may attend each class individually or build ability and knowledge, participating in each class as a series.


*The Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique blends the science of quantum physics, epigenetics and ontological applications with muscle energetic movement.

$50/class - First class FREE for new participants